Friday, January 26, 2018

Creative Jumpstart Jan 25 - Sandra Evertson: Hot Glue Cooking

This was fun! Using hot glue and pressing a stamp into it, than when cooled the glue is peeled off the stamp, painted a couple of times; then burnished with a wax metallic finish paste. I would like to get a couple of “better” stamps, and also try it again not pressing into the glue so hard. I have two pastes - a gold and a cappuccino, and I think I like the cappucccino the best. I love the gelli plate background, and though they are hard to make out, there are two crowns, two compass, and a plane in the hot glue impressions.

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Cath Sheard said...

Oh, yours turned out well. I didn't use enough glue so my backgrounds have wee holes in them!