Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Creative Jumpstart, Jan. 12

I was out of town at an art retreat for 4 days and didn't get a chance to work on each day's video. So, yesterday and today I've been a machine - play, play, play! The video for Creative Jumpstart, January 12 is by Jessica Sporn: Canvas with a story. My story is simple: I'm proud to be Canadian! Since I'm doing each of these "prompts" in a journal, I used my journal page, not canvas, but I did use some of the techniques Jessica showed. Instead of writing in the gesso, I wrote over it in two directions - words from the Canadian Charter of Rights. The maple leaf and sides are torn from a copy of the Charter of Rights that has multiple layers of paint. Fun project!.

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Cath Sheard said...

I love how personal you made this. Canada sounds sound like a pretty amazing place!