Thursday, February 1, 2018

Creative Jumpstart Jan 29:- Jane LaFazio: Dinner with Georgia O’Keefe

This video inspired me to use my favorite soup recipe. I used a stencil and molding paste to imply the wild rice.

Creative Jumpstart Jan 28: Jodi Ohl: Recipe for Success

Loved this process for Creative Jumpstart, inspired by the video by Jodi Ohl. Knowing when to stop is one of the hardest things for me. I like this the way it is though maybe it would be “better” with more black and white marks? Not going to do it on this one though. I will try another next week and see if I can take it further, meanwhile, I’m more than happy with this as it is!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Creative Jumpstart Jan 27 - Dina Walker: Repetition - The no fail recipe

In today’s video, Dina had us repeat the use of stamps, and in my case a couple of stencils, a couple of colors and a focal point. I didn’t splatter at the end because that is not a technique I’m fond of... and I liked this as is.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Creative Jumpstart Jan 26 - MaryBeth Shaw: Delicious Layers

Loved this video lesson! And while I didn’t layer as much and drip paint, I had fun using Modeling Gel, and Modeling Paste with stencils, and Naphaline Coarse Gel, and using baby wipes and my hands to apply color!

Creative Jumpstart Jan 25 - Sandra Evertson: Hot Glue Cooking

This was fun! Using hot glue and pressing a stamp into it, than when cooled the glue is peeled off the stamp, painted a couple of times; then burnished with a wax metallic finish paste. I would like to get a couple of “better” stamps, and also try it again not pressing into the glue so hard. I have two pastes - a gold and a cappuccino, and I think I like the cappucccino the best. I love the gelli plate background, and though they are hard to make out, there are two crowns, two compass, and a plane in the hot glue impressions.

Creative Jumpstart, Jan 24 - Gina Lee Kim: watercolor mixed media art recipe

This video was sort of a double whammy - how to paint a starry night, and playing with texture mediums. I had fun with the starry night and will try it again. I really wasn’t feeling the teacups and teapot in the window, as shown on the video, so just used colored mediums in circles then spent a couple of days second guessing myself how I was going to finish the page (sigh). Decided to use washi tape for an outline and put the circles in a pattern on my page. The material used are listed on the back of my journal page if I want to reference them. I used Tri-Arr Nephaline Gel Coarse, Golden Coarse Molding Paste, Tri-Art Modeling Gel Clear, Tri-Art Modeling Paste, Liquitex Heavy Gel, and Art Basics 3D Matte Gel.

Creative Jumpstart, Jan 23 - Katie Avery: Mixing the Ingredients

The video for Jan 23 Creative Jumpstart is by Katie Avery. She made mixing the paints look so easy... I found that by the time I had colors mixed with the trowel, it was spread too thin and hard to use; and I couldn’t get amounts right... guess that all comes with experience. At any rate, I learned a lot, know what I can work on, and had fun with this page. I added white gel pen and some patterns because I thought it needed it.