Friday, January 26, 2018

Creative Jumpstart, Jan 24 - Gina Lee Kim: watercolor mixed media art recipe

This video was sort of a double whammy - how to paint a starry night, and playing with texture mediums. I had fun with the starry night and will try it again. I really wasn’t feeling the teacups and teapot in the window, as shown on the video, so just used colored mediums in circles then spent a couple of days second guessing myself how I was going to finish the page (sigh). Decided to use washi tape for an outline and put the circles in a pattern on my page. The material used are listed on the back of my journal page if I want to reference them. I used Tri-Arr Nephaline Gel Coarse, Golden Coarse Molding Paste, Tri-Art Modeling Gel Clear, Tri-Art Modeling Paste, Liquitex Heavy Gel, and Art Basics 3D Matte Gel.

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Cath Sheard said...

Love the washi tape border. Your colours turned out lovely and bright over the mediums.