Sunday, January 21, 2018

Creative Jumpstart Jan 18: Joe Rotella: Let’s Get Cooking

I’m working on journal pages - each one inspired by something from each days video from Creative Jumpstart. This lesson from Joe Rotella: Let’s get Cooking involved making a book and decorating a box to hold it. For today’s journal page I was inspired to try the use of stamping tissue paper and applying it to an uneven surface. Love the idea, but I guess my ink isn’t permanent and started to smear when wet so I couldn’t add color to “age” it. I will have to investigate further. Meanwhile, it was fun to try and handy to know the technique!


Cath Sheard said...

Gah!! I hate it when ink doesn't set - so frustrating. But we always learn something new huh?

Joe Rotella said...

Sorry the ink ran! Yes, you have to use a permanent ink, like Archival Ink, so that doesn't happen. Sometimes it helps if you heat set it with a heat gun....and apply your medium quickly. Glad you gave it a try!