Thursday, November 24, 2016

Zentangle Challenge #294 - Fragments and Reticula

I'm not comfortable with Fragments and Reticula… I think I understand it better since it was well explained and we got to play with it at ZenAgain, but I really don't see the point in some ways. It seems to complicate and add stress, at least for me. When I saw this week's challenge (, I actually cringed and thought I'd pass on this one. But then I felt guilty and decided I had to at least try a tile. As it turns out, it was quite fun. I chose the tangle Well, at least the first few steps of it. Here is the fragment (repeated and mirrored, the outline, and the final tile. It's a bit crazy how twisting, turning, different embellishments or shading can change a fragment!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Zentangle Challenge #292 - UMT: Eaxy by Nadine Roller

I had lots of "oooops" and difficulty with Eaxy for this week's I am the Diva challenge ( I'll have to give it another try on another tile, but I felt that even though I got lost on this one several times, I'm happy with the end result. Though to me it doesn't look much like a Zentangle tile - more an abstract compilation. The Peaks in the bottom were based on a vintage shirt I saw in a shop - I liked the layered peaks and the lines more open on one side within each peak… yet not always on the same side. (again, I apologize for not commenting on all submissions and do take time to look at and enjoy them. I don't have instagram, Yahoo, or Pinterest (or have to log in each time, which I won't do). And I also don't comment, usually, on posts that have several challenges in one post because although I enjoy seeing what you are up to - I'm specifically looking for the Diva Challenge.