Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Zentangle Challenge #290 - Duo-Tangle: Flux and 'NZeppel

Here is another wonderful challenge from Laura at! This week we are to do a Duo-Tangle, using only Flux and 'NZeppel. I LOVE them both, but find that I rarely use Flux - no reason, but I use 'NZeppel a lot! So it was fun to put them together. I almost wasn't going to shade this at all - I quite liked it plain. In the end, I decided to add a bit of graphite, which was fine too, but I rather wish I hadn't… *(I would like to add here that I love to see everyone's interpretation of the challenges, and I try to comment on those that I can. But I don't have an Instagram, or Flickr account, and Pinterest makes me log in each time I want to comment, so to those who post that way, please note that I am enjoying your photos but you won't be getting likes or comments from me. I often also won't comment when someone has posted several challenges on their blog because I just don't have time….)