Monday, June 9, 2014

Zendala Dare #94 - Happy

Welcome back! After a break, Erin is back with her weekly Zendala Dare (, and I'm really really HAPPY about this! I've had a bit of a lost mojo for Zentangle in the past few months myself. Not feeling the Zen, not feeling the motivation… And yet, when I talk about or teach Zentangle, I feel just as enthused, just not satisfied with any of my own work. When I first saw this template, I thought it looked too busy, but as soon as I transferred it onto paper, I kept getting ideas. My first attempt is using favourite tangles, simple design, and on a 9x10 sheet. Big and not too complicated, and I'm HAPPY with it. (The scanner brought out some extra smudges that I don't notice on the original, so try to ignore those.) I'd like to do another regular tile size using tangles with the letters in the word HAPPY, so maybe there will be another entry from me. But first I want to do the weekly Zentangle Dare which came out today and hopefully Erin's coming back will also facilitate my returned mojo! Cheers everyone!