Monday, May 29, 2017

Artful Adventures Stroll Challenge - Day 20 - Progress

Todays prompt word for our stroll challenge is Progress. Property values in Toronto are really high and seem to be continuing to rise. I bought my home in 1991, as a Power of Sale, which meant that the bank was trying to get rid of it at a fairly decent cost, probably because they had had to foreclose on someone. It needed a lot of superficial maintenance but has proven to be a wonderful, sturdy, well built home. At the time I was quaking in my boots wondering how I would manage the mortgage and taxes and upkeep on my sole middle income salary, but with a bit of scrimping, (and a border for a while), I managed to eventually pay off the mortgage and keep my sanity without too much trouble. But now….every house in my neighbourhood sells within a couple of days, and almost always over asking, at what I consider astronomical prices. Bungalows (like mine) get torn down and monster homes built in their place. Gardens and green space are disappearing. We sit outside a lot on the porch and watch the world go by, or work in the garden, or in the winter, shovel, but we rarely see any of our neighbours out - everyone seems to stay inside. Companies are hired to maintain the lawns or plow, or they are left unkempt. Is this progress? It's good for me I guess - certainly the value of my home is way more than I ever imagined. (And I'm lucky right now to have good neighbours who probably won't move in the near future). But I worry about the "youngsters" coming into the market and buying homes that are surely putting them into financial stress… and what would (will) happen if the interest rates increase? I often wonder why people want to buy a home if they aren't interested in keeping a garden or maintaining their yards and buildings. I also watch as some of these new homes are being built and see a lot of poor craftsmanship (especially in new condo developments), and wonder what will happen in 10-20 years when these places start falling apart. Progress? I'd rather see affordable housing and a change in direction to smaller homes with more yards and green space. (Is my age showing???)


Nathalie Kalbach said...

Love your thoughts on this and also having it reflected in your art journal!

jadis said...

I see Canada is having similar problems to Australia - prices through the roof, unaffordable rents, and monster houses or where I live multiple dwellings - town house complexes with a shortage of parking so cars clog up the street. Thank goodness for great neighbours where we live - long may they stay.