Saturday, May 27, 2017

Artful Adventures Stroll Challenge - Day 18 - Contrast

Wow, I am so loving these challenges! Each day we are given a prompt and then we go for a stroll in our neighbourhood and take a picture related to the prompt. I've started noticing so much more as I go for my walks! And I'm taking this a bit further and am challenging myself to do a journal page (or more often than not) at least a background, each day. Today I saw an awesome painting on the side of a building that contrasted colours and black/white in a number of different ways. When it came time to work on my journal I decided I wanted take the idea colour on black and white, and use my Color Crush paints, Golden Interference Paints, and Micaceous Iron Oxide. They all have a shimmer, and when painted on black, really come alive, in unexpected ways. I wish this photo could show you the wow factor better!

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