Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Zendala Dare #21

Here is my contribution to Erin's Zendala Challenge which can be found at http://thebrightowl.blogspot.ca/ I haven't been doing much Zentangle over the past few weeks, other than just trying to keep up with new tangles being posted and adding them to my workbook. It's been a fabulous summer filled with travels, gardening, crafting, reading, and spending lots and lots of time with friends and family. I don't know how I managed when I worked, but now that I'm retired, I'm busier than ever (in a good way)! In this dare I used one new to me tangle (Keenies), and a new to me variation of Bilt, and Ixorus. I would have liked a bit of color in this, but couldn't figure out how to add a touch without potentially ruining it, so I just shaded. Shading shows up better in the original than when it's scanned.


Rita said...

Very nice work!!
Happy Tuesday! :)

Anne's tangle blog said...

Lovely! I especially like the outside shields.


tanglewithlinda.wordpress.com said...

Oh, this is pretty. I really like the tiny assortment of tangles you did in the middle background.

Fifi said...

I especially like the outside shields
good job!!!