Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zentangle Challenge #84 - String Theory XI: Blind-Sighted

It's been weeks since I've taken the time to participate in a Zentangle Challenge. That's what happens in the summer - there is so much going on. (See my photo in the previous entry of me at a craft fair selling my stuffed owls.) At first it was really hard to just let go and I think I actually went through a "Zentangle withdrawal". It's not a bad thing to take a break though, and though I managed to add the new tangles to my workbook, I do feel a bit less compulsive or obsessive about feeling that I HAVE TO do every single Zentangle Challenge and Zentangle Dare. Not that I won't do most of them :) Recently I bought a photo cube from Michael's and have decided that the next six challenges I do will be on 3.5 x 3.5 squares and displayed in the cube. (I prefer working on larger or ZIA pieces so this adds to my challenge.) So, here is my entry for Challenge #84 - Blind Sighted. I used some of the fabulous new tangles that have been introduced in the past little while: LLilly, Dooleedo, Cruffle, D-vine, and Hypnotic.


Blue-bird (a.k.a. Ilse) said...

Your little boot with the owls looks great. I hope I will be at an art fair with some art pieces one time (that means that I'm probably retired too and finally found the time to do stuff like that - let's say in 30 years or so).
I love the new tangles you use. I don't know many tangles by name, so if I want to learn them it nice to read their official names so I can look them up ... Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog too :)
Greetings from Belgium

Didisch said...

I Agree with Ilse, I am new in the ' Tangle scene' and I don't know many tangles by name. I do love the ons with the leaves and the flowers. They make it look like spring.

Tangle love from the Netherlands.

Dawn said...

Wow! Great show of all those new tangles! I love it!!