Wednesday, November 5, 2008

23 things assignment #5 (scroll down past picture)

I got a bit behind because I took a wonderful vacation! Nothing exotic - just painting a couple of rooms in my home, which, although was labor intensive, the end result is one room with a burst of color and energy, and another, a world of calm. Humm, if I didn't have to work, think of all the things I could do! (Not that I don't love my job...)
Anyway - task at hand. I got into and got registered (does anyone else worry about how many times we have to put our email address out there when we have to register for everything? or is it that my age is showing...?)
I have bookmarked 3 sites we've used for this project - Photobucket, Bloglines, and Blogger. Also for my own interest I've added in Beadage - Make Beaded Jewelry, and, Free Stained Glass Patterns, and, N.Z. Folksongs*Maori Songs.
Again - too much information! Will I use these? Probably not but learning anything is good, and maybe someday it will come in handy.
To keep up with a new "skill", I found and added a lovely "smiley face" from Photobucket - seen below:

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