Thursday, November 20, 2008

23 things assignment #8 - the words

Ok, I figured out how to save some YouTube videos to my blog, but every time I tried to add a comment or "compose" the video disappeared. I also couldn't figure out how to put everything on one post. Maybe if I took more time I could figure it out, but I don't have the time.
I am personally not fond of YouTube - again too much information - too much to look at and I spent a good amount of time just browsing trying to find something that appealed to me. I did find some videos related to getting library cards, and promoting various library incentives like R4R, but really - those looking at YouTube are probably looking for something not so mundane. I can't imagine that people will browse through YouTube for Library services....

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Heather said...

You're right - people probably won't check out You Tube for the mundane library stuff but they might check it out if they see something on TV or someone references an event that has happened.

Terrific blog!