Saturday, August 1, 2015

CanTangle 2015

In mid-July I journeyed to Regina, Saskatchewan to CanTangle 2015. It was an AWESOME experience and I learned so much and met many wonderful people. These two ZIA's are the finished pieces from 1. a workshop by Brenda Shaver-Shahin on tangling with "differently abled", and 2. Margaret Bremner's whimsical houses. They are both way out of my comfort zone and I had to keep telling myself to just go with my impulses and not try to plan too much, not be concerned about things like perspective, not worry about which tangles go with…. It's funny - just like tangling a small tile, it seems to come alive and look all right when its done - even though sometimes I'm ready to start over because I'm not liking it. I'm happy with both of these, learned a lot and have a lot more to learn… because of course I'm going to do several more of the Margaret Bremner inspired whimsical houses!

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Didisch said...

Wow Sue, I wished I could visit Cantangle, I am a huge fan of Margret, and esspecially her wonky houses. Yours looks great, just the right tangles in the right spot, and he wonky houses don't folow the rules of perspective, thats just the fun part, and they look always great! Hope to see more wonky houses on your blog!