Saturday, August 10, 2013

Zentangle Challenge #130 - UMT - Henna Drum

I LOVE Henna Drum, and have since I first saw it. Saying that, I haven't actually used it much because I find it difficult to work into a tile - somehow the background seems a bit bland and I'm too cautious to use it as an overlay. I decided to try a couple of new tangles; Paris and Navaho... wow, that's a tough one! I'll need to practice it more, and work harder at being careful with the lines. I haven't used Wisket in a long time either. I'm ok with this finished piece (8"x 8"), but don't love it. I can't wait to see how others have done this challenge!


Meghan Woods said...

This is fantastic. I love it.

LonettA said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! Great choice of tangles and a nice touch of color! Very nicely done!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Very well done, I like it with the grid backgrounds.