Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zendala Dare #67

Another great template from Erin at! I have the 12 year old daughter of a friend staying with me for the week and we've been all over Toronto seeing the sights and taking in events so it's been a wonderful, busy week. She's also been trying her hand at a few tangles and the first one she chose was Bitten, which I've used a couple of times before. Her fresh, sharp eyes caught that I had been doing it wrong! Now that I see how to really do it - I LOVE this pattern and will definitely use it more often. It also reinforced what a wonderful resource is!


LonettA said...

Excellent and very imaginative zendala! Great contrast between black and white. The spots of red colors add a nice touch!

Anne's tangle blog said...

Very pretty! I like the openness in the center.