Friday, March 1, 2013

Zentangle cat...

Yesterday I had a fidgety day - couldn't concentrate on anything so I was moving from one project to the next. My cat, Noel (named because she was found in a library Christmas Eve morning 12 years ago - probably put through the book return slot), was also fidgety and followed me everywhere, lying on top of whatever I was trying to work on. Here she is "helping" me with Zentangle, but she also "helped" by lying on my computer, book, sewing, felting supplies, kitchen counter, and laundry tub. Doesn't she look annoyed that I would dare concentrate on anything other than her? She did make it rather difficult to actually get anything done. We're both over whatever was happening, so I'm looking forward to a creative day starting with a visit to the fabric sale of upholstery ends at the Textile Museum! (I'm working on a Zentangle series - this sheet is "grid tangles".)

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