Sunday, October 14, 2012

Zentangle Challenge #90 - String 001

This is my "quickie" done for the weekly Zentangle Challenge from . I wasn't going to do it this week because it's been a very busy week and I wasn't inspired by the challenge.... saying that, I just can't not do it, as I'm sure is the case with others. :) So today I found an hour and decided I'd start with a couple of tangles I hadn't ever used, Diamond Drops and Aura-Leah. I was ok with it until that point, then got stuck. The next two tangles I used are Msst and Hollibaugh. Not happy with my Hollibaugh - I don't think it fits in, and the "ribbon" effect I was looking for, didn't work. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's challenge.... (My apologies for not commenting on others contributions this week - as I said, I've been a bit short of time, and though I will look at them all, I just won't be able to share the joy I get when I look at them.)


Sherrie and Becky said...

this is terrific. If this is your uninspired work, Id sure like to see one when you are inspired

Anne's tangle blog said...

It's a very nice, delicate tile. I love what you did with Aura-Leah, great idea.

Pennyb said...

I like openness of this one!