Saturday, June 9, 2012

Selling Owls

This was my first craft sale for the owls I've been making since Nov. 2011. I didn't know what to expect as it was a public school fun fair/craft sale in my neighborhood. Well, the owls were a hit and I sold nine owls which is really good considering that many parents said they didn't expect to be buying anything other than food and games for the kids. There was lots of interest and many others took my business card, so maybe I'll make some sales via my website? I've probably made about 130 owls so far, and have sold almost 50! It's been great fun playing with fabrics and since each owl has an original name, it's been fun searching for and making up appropriate names. Of the owls I've made, I gave lots away for presents, then found a store in Kensington Market, Toronto, (The Fairies Pyjama's), that has been selling quite a few for me. Another store in Collingwood (Store 54) has taken a few as well. I'm hoping to be accepted in another craft show in Peterborough in late August.

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