Thursday, March 1, 2012

Twisted borders

I was working on this ZIA for a couple of weeks. The general outline idea came from a knotted zentangle I saw online (sorry I didn't the name to pass on credit). There are three interwoven pieces; one with three tangles, one with four, and one with six. I was experimenting and practicing with tangles that are good for borders, though there are three tangles that I've seen but don't have names for. I'm quite happy with this!


HElena said...

Very clever idea of showing and combining patterns ,both grid and non-grid .Love it.

Karen Lynn said...

Your twisted borders are wonderful! This is so hard to do effectively, and yours is lovely!

Terrie said...

You should be proud of this- it's so cool! Intricate and intriguing and so detailed. I've often wondered how to use all the cool border tangles....this is a great idea.