Friday, May 3, 2013

Zentangle Challenge #55 - Blind Sighted (and late, #54 - Earth Day)

This week's Zentangle Challenge from Laura at is to draw our string "blind sighted". The first one I drew I really disliked, so I went with straight lines at various angles. I used 2 "new to me" tangles. I liked this challenge because it was quick, and gave me time to catch up on some other projects, for example, last week's challenge: Earth Day. (So I'm also sorry I didn't get a chance to view and comment on many of last weeks entries.) I didn't get it done in time because things kept coming up that kept me away from drawing. Anyway, a cousin brought me a bug house from Scotland not long ago... and it was calling out to be tangled, so it was a perfect project for Earth Day (week).


Didisch said...

Hi Sue,

Great tile. And your bug or bee house is great. I love the colours you used in combination with the tangles. This is sure a jewel to hang in your garden.

Donald Wilka said...

Like your choice of tangles. Also like the Bug House.