Friday, January 18, 2013

Zendala Dare #40 - second entry

I had to try this Zendala Dare template again, and yet again.... I started this tile intending to use Pia, but didn't look at the instructions and of course did it wrong... so I guess it's sort of "rain" but rounded. After that, I just kept on tangling. I wasn't going to post this one but here it is anyway.
My last try of this template and I decided to use Pia (the way I originally intended, and two other tangles I haven't used before: Zin and Boties. Perhaps because the template is quite complex, all three of my tiles took a long time to do - much of it in thought about how to start and what to do next... then especially with the last one, trying to keep lines straight and even. Because I spent so much time on the tiles, I haven't had time to look at every entry yet - I'll try to get them, but may not have time to comment on as many as I like to.


Anne's tangle blog said...

You've been busy Sue! I like both, but I like the second one most. The contrast is great.

Dawn said...

They're both fantastic! The first feels Valentiney to me, very pretty and lacey, and I love the bold graphic feel of the second! Beautiful!

Didisch said...

Both zendalas are great, for me the second one is a winner. It is as if i'm looking on top of a kings crown. Beautiful.